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Fyre CEO Billy McFarland May Be The Biggest Douche On Earth


Gonna come in a little hot with this one, so trigger warning to the snowflakes.

Remember in the Rick James episode of Chappelle’s Show, when Rick James (Chappelle) tells Eddie and Charlie Murphy that ‘they never shoulda gave you n*ggas money’? That’s essentially how I feel about this clown Billy McFarland, the 25-year-old founder of Fyre Festival.

Here’s the problem with these young, tech, millennial ‘entrepreneur’: they have all the intelligence in the world–there’s no denying that–but they’re too ignorant and arrogant to realize that they don’t have the know-how. Just because you know how to code and market, doesn’t mean you know how to organize a highly complicated process such as organizing a music festival, on foreign soil nonetheless.

Then to make matters worse, they don’t realize the consequences their actions have on other people — like these employees that McFarland tells aren’t going to get paid. It’s sickening.

Via Vice News:

On Friday May 5th, Billy McFarland, the 25-year-old founder of the disastrous Fyre Festival, told his shell-shocked employees that their paychecks covering the past two weeks would not be coming. Nor would he be firing them, a prerequisite for unemployment benefits in most states. Instead, McFarland offered to allow his dozen-or-so employees to stay on in unpaid roles, where they could work to grow the business to a place where they might get paid again.

The meeting, audio of which was obtained by VICE News, wrapped up weeks of uncertainty for the employees of Fyre Media, the company behind Fyre Festival, whose primary job had been building a celebrity and talent booking app the festival was intended to promote. Rapper and Fyre Media co-founder Ja Rule was on the grim conference call, but his role was that of a listener.


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