All Hell Breaks Loose At Disastrous Fyre Festival In Bahamas

The Fyre Festival was supposed to be the music event of a lifetime. Awesome bands, extravagant accommodations, gourmet food, and everything else you could ever want at a music festival all while taking place on the beaches of Exuma, Bahamas. We’re talking first class all of the way, as the tickets cost anywhere from $4,000 to $12,000 and included a chartered flight from Miami.

Just look at this promotional video for the Fyre Festival. It looks like I died and went to a heaven filled with killer tunes, crystal clear water, and Emily Ratajkowski’s fine ass.

But in the words of Lee Corso, “Not so fast, my friends.” Instead of arriving at a tropical paradise, concert goers walked right into a living hell. Here’s a description of the scene from Consequence of Sound, accompanied by some photos and videos of the chaos.

According to reports on reddit and Twitter, the festival grounds were littered with half-built tents and mountains of trash. Catered meals were nothing more than a slice of bread and cheese, with a salad garnish for good measure. As night fell, the situation became even more chaotic, as festival staff and security were nowhere to be found. Luggage was thrown out of the back of a truck to an awaiting mob. There were reports of feral dogs running loose through the festival grounds, and some attendees allege to have gotten into verbal and physical confrontations with locals. All the while, flights to the island have been canceled.

Here's the dinner they fed us tonight. Literally slices of bread, cheese, and salad with no dressing. #fyrefraud #fyrefestival #dumpsterfyre

— Trevor DeHaas (@trev4president) April 28, 2017

Early report is that many of the tents aren't assembled. Here's their tropical private island owned by Escobar! #FyreFestival

— FyreFestivalFraud (@FyreFraud) April 27, 2017

Stuck at #fyrefestival trying to leave for the last 8 hours. barley any food or water or security or electricity

— Lamaan. لمان القلال (@LamaanElGallal) April 28, 2017

So Fyre Fest is a complete disaster. Mass chaos. No organization. No one knows where to go. There are no villas, just a disaster tent city.

— William Needham Finley IV (@WNFIV) April 27, 2017

This is how Fyre Fest handles luggage. Just drop it out of a shipping container. At night. With no lights. #fyrefestival

— William Needham Finley IV (@WNFIV) April 28, 2017

What a goddamn swindling. And guess who was behind the music festival heist of the century? Ja F*cking Rule. That’s right, the guy who soundtracked your middle school dances teamed up with entrepreneur Billy McFarland and some other slicksters to rob kids out of their parents’ hard-earned money. I want to be mad, but this whole ordeal has produced so much Twitter gold that I’m cackling like a hyena.

Yo 😂😂😂…

I'm looking at all these #FyreFestival tweets, and IMMEDIATELY thought of this…

— Ziggy Tecleab, fan of M'Baku (@colortheghost) April 28, 2017

You paid $12k to go see Blink-182 headlined festival hosted by Ja Rule in 2017?!?!?!?!? #fyrefestival

— MEAKS (@MeaksB) April 28, 2017

"Anybody know time Migos' set is?" #fyrefestival

— Uma Thurgood Marshall (@_maleficentt) April 28, 2017

Which District is winning the Annual #fyrefestival ?

— Kyle? (@KyleOnceSaid) April 28, 2017

Pic of Ja Rule right now #fyrefestival

— MK (@Neethz426) April 28, 2017

This #fyrefestival things is like a plot from It’s Always Sunny.

— George Phillips (@georgejphillips) April 28, 2017

Acts such as Blink-182, Pusha-T, Migos, Disclosure, and Major Lazer were scheduled to perform, but that is no longer happening. The entire event has been cancelled, closing the books on the shortest music festival of all-time.

R.I.P., Fyre Festival. It’s better to burn out than to fade away.

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