A Gallery Of Moms Who Should Probably Spend Mother’s Day With Child Services

Not everyone is cut out to be the perfect parent; and the older you get, the more you understand that. For the most part, parenting seems pretty hard, but there are definitely a couple of things you can avoid entirely so as not to wind up being called the “worst parent in the world.”

Unfortunately, the mothers included in the photo gallery above must have missed that memo. For some reason, these moms thought it was a great idea to do things like: point a handgun at their infant daughter, pose naked with their child in the background, take inappropriate selfies, and announce to the world that they’re teaching their daughters the oldest profession in the world.

The rise in technology and social media is making it much easier to share these insanely stupid mistakes with the world, and to us the best part is that it’s actually these moms sharing the own insanity with their friends, rather than their friends stealing the photos and uploading them to Facebook.

So this Mother’s Day, do your mom a huge favor and give her a hug, tell her you love her, and that you’re really glad she never tweeted that really embarrassing photo of the two of you.

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