Stephen Colbert Uncovered Drafts Of Trump’s Termination Letter To James Comey

I think I’m launching a new franchise, folks.
As someone with (relative) sleep issues, I’m a big fan of late night talk shows, specifically, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Colbert has been my f*cking GUY for over a decade now and given the wild political climate of our country, I make sure to tune in every night. Colbert has a way of delivering horrible, terrifying news in a way that makes you laugh. Some would call that comedy.
The big news out of the White House yesterday was the firing FBI Director James Comey. It was a brazen move by Donnie Freedom, considering that Comey’s currently heading up an investigation into Trump and his administration’s ties to Russia. Needless to say, firing the man who’s currently investigating you isn’t necessarily the best visual. Looks a litttttleeeee shady if you ask me.
If you haven’t heard or seen by now, Trump fired Comey with the following letter:
However, as Stephen Colbert uncovered, it took Donnie a couple of drafts to get the letter just right.

In fact, Trump’s firing of Comey was so outrageous, even the NIXON PRESIDENTIAL LIBRARY, a library with the namesake of the most corrupt president in history, took a shot:

And since you’re here, check out Colbert’s entire monologue from last night.

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