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Stephen Colbert Teamed Up With H&R Block To Terrorize Average Tax Payers


via CBS

I caught this live on The Late Show last night and just knew I’d have to write about it the next day (today) at work. Colbert has been on a hot streak for the ages and this bit only continues that wave.

In the type of bit that only Colbert could pull off, Stephen disguises himself as an H&R Block tax professional named Otto Sanchez as he unleashes awkward hell upon unsuspecting customers. Between setting papers on fire, drinking on the job, or offering the customer an H&R Block of cheese, Colbert made sure to do everything he could to make one of the worst days of the year, tax day, even worse for these people.

Except for my man who accepted Colbert’s offer and cracked open the Budweiser. That dude doesn’t have a care in the world.

I think we can all agree that it’s good for everyone when Colbert is on top of his game. More authentic than Fallon and more intelligent than Kimmell, Colbert is going to be the king of late night television for the next decade.

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