Turns Out Matt Harvey Was Suspended For Celebrating Cinco de Mayo A Bit Too Much

I’m a Yankees fan, so you’ll have to excuse me for laughing at the currently under .500 New York Mets and their “ace” Matt Harvey. Harvey, 28, is still more of a bro than he is a major league pitcher, which I both enjoy and mock relentlessly.
Harvey was suspended by the Mets for three games last week for undisclosed reasons. Now, Page Six reports that the pitcher was partying at 10AK in New York City until 4:00 A.M. on Cinco de Mayo before texting team officials that he would be unable to attend a game that weekend due to a migraine. Really, dude?¬†You went with the migraine-text strategy? That’s amateur business, son. I’ve broken up with girls with less ammunition.
According to Page Six, witnesses claim Harvey was seen drinking champagne, tequila and vodka as he threw back drinks during his night out on the town. In addition to the suspension, Harvey was fined $82,219 (which is, like, whatever when you’re earning $5.1 million in 2017). Harvey is reportedly fine with the fine, but upset with the suspension as he notified the team he would not be at the game when he woke up Saturday afternoon.
Harvey told FanRag that he woke up Saturday feeling fine and went out golfing with friends in the morning. He then went home, had lunch, and took a nap before being woken up by Mets security at his door at 10:00 P.M.

The team claims the men were sent to check on Harvey’s well being, while the former All-Star player says the men grilled him after he opened the door in his pajamas. Well, dude, when you give some lazy bulls— excuse as to why you won’t be at the game, that tends to happen. I realize you weren’t scheduled to pitch, but it’s not like I cut out on a staff meeting just because I’m not presenting.

This incident also came in the wake of Harvey allegedly placing a large black dildo in teammate Kevin Plawecki’s locker as a joke, an image of which went viral after being tweeted out by the team unknowingly and then reposted online by a number of outlets. Really funny, bro, you’re hilarious. After baseball, maybe you can negotiate a comedy special with Netflix. Ooh, maybe you can be in the next Kevin Hart movie?!?!

I wouldn’t be so hard on Harvey (or so amused) if this was his first run-in with trouble, but it’s not. In 2015, Harvey missed a mandatory team workout before the 2015 playoffs and was fined. He’s also made some, err, questionable public comments. Plus, it’s not like he can get away with this kind of stuff with his current level of play.

In his first season after having a rib removed during surgery to treat thoracic outlet syndrome, the 28-year-old Harvey is 2-2 with a 5.14 ERA in six starts covering 35 innings.

He is coming off two of the worst starts of his career, allowing 12 runs over 9 2/3 innings with eight walks in a pair of losses to Atlanta.


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