President Enters Full Trump Mode, Goes On Rant, Makes His OWN Tweet His Twitter Header

Yesterday, the big story of the day was former acting attorney general Sally Yates appearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee to testify about Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. Yes, that’s still happening.
However, that wasn’t even the biggest bombshell of the day. No, that was when former Obama administration officials revealed that President Barack Obama warned Trump against hiring Michael T. Flynn to be part of his national security team when Obama and Trump met in the Oval Office two days after the November election.
Now, Trump didn’t address this revelation, because, of course, but he did respond to the Senate hearings.
Via Uproxx:

Before Yates’ hearing, former U.S. Director of National Intelligence James Clapper explained that the Russians “exceeded their wildest expectations” in US election hack and that they had no idea who leaked the story about Flynn to the Washington Post.
In a predictable fashion, President Trump decided to go on another Twitter rant. Similarly predictable was the fact that he got the story completely backwards. Either Trump didn’t watch the hearings and has no idea what was actually said, or he is trying to gaslight everyone with alternative facts.

Quick side note: anyone know a betting house that will take a bet on the term ‘fake news’ being added to the latest Webster’s dictionary? Because that’s the lock of the century.
Anyway, that wasn’t the end of Trump’s Twitter rant. No, Trump was determined to take his petulant childlike shenanigans to the next level, so he changed his Twitter header… to a photo of his OWN tweet.

Truly horrifying to think it hasn’t even been half a year.

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