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Lonzo Ball Remixed Drake And It’s Honestly Not Terrible


(Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

There’s a long line of ballers who not-so-secretly dreamed of being rappers. Lou Williams, Shaquille O’Neal, Allen Iverson, Kobe Bryant. The list of wannabees goes on and on. Dropping a fire (read: terrible) rap verse has basically become a right of passage for young NBA stars.

Which brings us to UCLA Big Man on Campus and top NBA draft prospect Lonzo Ball. Despite not playing a minute in the NBA just yet, Ball has decided to join the ranks of future Hall of Famers who attempted to spit hot fire. Ball hopped on Drake’s “Free Smoke” and, honestly, didn’t completely embarrass himself. Check it out.

We know LaVar Ball and Big Baller Brand are hurting a bit right now, so Lonzo must’ve figured he’d help restore some shine to the family name by dropping some bars. Kudos to the young cat. If basketball doesn’t work out and Ball is a bust at the NBA level, at least he can fall back into the rap game as a Plan B. Or, even better, Ball will blossom into The Next Big Thing and occasionally hop on a real rapper’s track with a dope celebrity verse. It’s a win-win for the fans really.

Ball is going to be dropping mics on and off the court for the next 15 years. With that said, Steve Francis still reigns supreme as the King of the Baller/Rapper hybrids. Respect.

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