Kanye West Is Recording His New Album On Top Of A Literal Mountain

Man, Kanye has really gone all in on being delusional, huh?
Don’t get it twisted, dude has ALWAYS been acting like a nut, it just came in spurts. Kanye’s manic actions would only pop up sporadically. Now, it’s the norm. You expect Kanye to act like a total loon and you’re genuinely surprised when he shows some semblance of logic and reason.
Via TMZ:

Kanye West is making a new album, and he’s holed up in a Wyoming retreat at the top of a mountain to find his inspiration. We know exactly where he is but hey, we don’t want to ruin his mojo … we like his music, too. But we can tell you he’s been there a week and also went 2 weeks earlier, so he’s smack in the middle of the creative process.
This explains Kanye’s absence from some high-profile Kardashian events, including the Met Gala last week, where Kim went solo.
The last time we saw him on camera was during a Valentine’s dinner date with Kim. He didn’t even hit the stage at his own Yeezy fashion show. And, obviously, he hasn’t performed since his hospitalization in November. Yeezy’s definitely trying to disconnect … he’s scrubbed his Instagram and Twitter profiles.
Multiple sources tell us this has nothing to do with problems at home or problems with his head … it’s all about creating music.

Honestly, I’m all for whatever the hell Kanye needs to do to give us more TLOP-sounding music and less of Yeezus sounding music. If Kanye goes up into the mountains and comes back down with more experimental Yeezus shit, I’m going to go ahead and call it a career for Kanye. He’ll officially be lost in the sauce, and by sauce, I mean Kim Kardashian‘s evil snatch.
Whatever, though, with the likes of Chance, Kendrick, J. Cole, Joey Badass, and more in the game these days, do we even still need Kanye? Probably not. Now all that’s left for his career is to follow the Kardashian Plan and get himself a sex change.

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