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Kanye Reportedly Didn’t Go To The Met Gala ‘Cause He’s Mad Everyone Saw Kim’s Un-Airbrushed Ass


(Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images)

The Met Gala was Monday night and all of American’s biggest actors, musicians, models, and athletes were in attendance.

However, one fashion ‘icon’ was noticeably absent from the renowned fashion event. Kayne West.

Normally, whenever there’s a chance for Kanye to dress ridiculously and pose with Kim, he takes full advantages. However, this year, Kanye was nowhere to be found as Kim was seen walking the red carpet alone.

So, why did Kanye skip out? Maybe he was on tour. Or maybe he didn’t have anything to where. Or maybe he wanted to just stay in with his kids.

But nope, none of that. No, apparently Kanye was upset that the world had gotten a glimpse at un-airbrushed photos of his wife’s shockingly extraterrestrial ass.

Via The Sun:

Kanye is angry with wife Kim, 36, and sister Kourtney, 38, for turning their Mexican break into a fashion parade, which their friends are now dubbing “bumgate”.

A friend of the couple said: “Kanye has helped turned Kim into a fashion icon and he feels those pictures with Kourtney have made her look cheap, damaging her brand.

“He’s angry with Kourtney for seemingly leading her on, as she clearly revelled in turning their session into a photoshoot.”

“Their behavior completely detracted from Kim’s current standing in the industry.”

Leave it to Kanye to date a woman who’s famous for a sex tape but then get mad at her when she shows off her ass to the world. Do you, Kanye.

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