Uncensored Footage Of KG, Sheed & Big Ben Reacting To Garnett Getting Into A Fight Is A Must-Watch

I love how Turner Sports doubled down on the built-in unpredictability of Inside The NBA by giving none other than the notoriously outspoken Kevin Garnett his own spin-off called Area 21.
At first, Garnett was a little shaky and awkward behind the camera, making Area 21 somewhat of a difficult watch, but now that he and the rest of his buddies have become more comfortable, it’s developing into a sort-of Inside The NBA ‘after dark’ kind of vibes.
Last night, KG had Rasheed Wallace, maybe the only NBA player to have a bigger mouth than Garnett (also, someone hire my dude Sheed a stylist ’cause goddamn he looks broke), and four-time NBA Defensive Player of the Year Big Ben Wallace on Area 21, and luckily for us, the cameras were rolling in between takes.
While on commercial break or whatever, KG, Sheed, and Big Ben were watching old footage of Garnett getting into a scuffle. Unsurprisingly, the trio was slinging F-bombs and N-bombs all over the set and it makes for a hilarious minute-long clip.
I get that there’s more talent in the NBA now than there ever has been, but there are few dudes like these guys in the league anymore. I’d love to see what Steph Curry or KD would do if they got stepped to by one of these three.
Actually, now that I’m thinking about it — seeing the ’04 Pistons or the ’08 Celtics take on these Warriors would be maybe the greatest seven game series of all time. Just a thought.

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