'Inside The NBA' Crew Messed Around With Auto-Tune, Proving It Makes Even The Dumbest Voices Sound Good

I think it goes without saying that Shaq and Charles Barkley not only have two of the dumbest sounding voices in sports broadcasting, but maybe on the entire planet known as earth. I’m actually convinced that they get away with saying half the shit that they do because of how stupid they sound. You know that episode of Seinfeld where Kramer gets special treatment because a swollen lip and some moon-bounce shoes make people think he’s mentally handicapped? Kinda the same thing.
During halftime of last night’s thrilled Thunder-Rockets game, for reasons unknown to me, the crew of Inside The NBA threw some auto-tune on. As I was watching this live, a portion of me kind of wish Shaq and Chuck were permanently on auto-tune. It would make their unalleviable mumbling just slightly more entertaining.
Shame on Barkley for being such a hardo about the whole thing and getting his panties all bunched up because he was ‘trying to make a point’. Chuck, half the shit you say is unintelligible to the audience anyway, so if anything, the auto-tune actually helps you get your point across. I was far more focused on what he was saying last night than I ever have been before.

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