Charles Barkley Said Something Very, Very Stupid About Isaiah Thomas

I am well aware that Charles Barkley’s ‘thing’ is saying whatever is on his mind with minimal filtration. In fact, I’m quite a fan of Barkley. I think that the novelty of his act has certainly worn thin over the last couple of years, but in the world of political correctness, it’s more refreshing than ever to see someone who really just doesn’t give a shit what people think.
But that said, sometimes you really do just gotta shut the hell up, and that’s something Barkley should have learned by now.
This may come as a shock to Barkley, but how Isaiah Thomas’ crying makes him feel has no relevance in a situation like this. As the cliche goes, sports are an escape for both players and fans alike. Numerous times have we seen athletes suit up after tragic deaths. Off the top of my head, I remember Brett Favre tossing four TDs the weekend his father died. So it should come as no surprise to Barkley that Thomas was warming up to play.
So, here’s why Barkley saying this is so idiotic: what the hell did he expect Thomas to do? It’s Game 1 of the NBA playoffs and it’s maybe the only thing on Earth that will get his mind off the tragic death of his sister. He’s the best player on the team and one of the 10-15 best players in the league — the Celtics would be all but cooked without him. And you KNOW the NBA wasn’t going to reschedule the game for one player. So, seriously, what did Barkley expect him to do? Not play because his tears might make a talking head feel slightly uncomfortable?
Barkley has said some dumb shit in his day, but this is certainly on his Mount Rushmore of preposterous comments.

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