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Monday Night Raw is fresh off the heels of a most impactful Payback. Let’s not waste a second more and get right to the action!
But here’s the rundown from last night: Braun Strowman kicked ass, Jericho is US Champ, and Alexa Bliss won the WWE Raw Women’s Championship!

WWE Monday Night Raw Viewing Details

Date: Monday, May 1, 2017
Time: 8:00 P.M. EST
TV Channel: USA
Location: Golden 1 Center, Sacramento, California
Online: USA
Mobile: USA Now

WWE Raw Results

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New Champion Alexa Bliss acts condescending to her contemporaries

Every female competitor on the Monday Night Raw roster are standing in the ring. The canvas is covered with red carpet. Out comes Alexa Bliss.
Bliss talks trash to Mickie James, mocking Mickie for her age. She thinks deceased (old-time) wrestlers Mae Young and “The Fabulous” Moolah are her contemporaries.
But Bliss has nothing bad to say about the imposing Nia Jax. Smart.
Alexa Bliss stands up on the podium in the center of the ring. Oh, did she forget someone? Oh, yeah. She forgot to address Bayley, the wrestler she beat to win the WWE Raw Women’s Championship. Bliss mentions how she saw Bayley’s younger cousins cry in the audience during last night’s Payback event, which took place in Bayley’s hometown.

Bayley has enough of Alexa’s sh*t, and knocks the champ off her podium. Then all hell breaks loose! All the women are fighting. Where’s Jerry “The King” Lawler when you need him?


8-woman tag team match: Alexa Bliss, Emma, Alicia Fox & Nia Jax vs. Bayley, Sasha Banks, Mickie James & Dana Brook

Alexa and Bayley start off the match, but Bliss wants nothing to do with Bayley. She tags in Emma, who gets schooled by Bayley. The former champ tags in Mickie James, who also kicks some serious ass. James tags in Dana, but Emma wants nothing of the muscular blonde. Emma tags in Alicia Fox to take her place in the match.

Brook dominates Fox, tossing her around the ring like a rag-doll. Damn, the bad girls are really getting beat up tonight. Dana tags in Bayley, who immediately goes on the attack. Don’t let her cute smile fool you.
Bayley tags in James, who whips her partner into the corner, running right into Fox.

Mickie James tags in Sasha Banks, who goes right on the attack. She locks Fox into a crazy-looking submission hold. Everybody seems to be kicking Fox’s ass. Alicia tries to battle back, but Sasha quickly turns the tide back in her favor.
Fox finally gains the upper-hand on Banks, knocking The Boss out of the ring. All the ladies jump off the ring apron to join Fox and Banks on the outside. There’s a team stare-down as we go to commercial break.
We’re back live, and Alicia Fox is solidly in control of Sasha Banks. We see a clip from commercial break, in which Nia Jax literally mowed down The Boss. Now, Fox has Banks in a vulnerable position.
Nia Jax gets the tag, and immediately drops her elbow into the swell of her back. She traps Sasha into the corner and then throws her more than half way across the ring. Jax drops elbow after elbow. Nia then slaps on a headlock. Sasha tries to battle back with a kick. But Jax runs Sasha into the corner like a linebacker.
Jax tags in Bliss, who shows her dominant side on The Boss. Literally stepping all over Sasha. But Banks is pissed, and throws hay-makers to Emma and Alicia in the corner.

Sasha Banks tags in Bayley, who comes in like a great ball of fire. Bayley is beating the living crap outta Bliss. Michael Cole says, “Alexa ran into a buzzsaw tonight.”
Before we know, all hell breaks loose. All the women are fighting. Mickie James flies off the top rope onto Jax. Emma dumps Dana out of the ring, Banks dropkicks Emma to the outside as well. Sasha and Alicia are going at, but Bayley intervenes on Sasha’s behalf. Bayley should have paid attention to the champion, who drops her with a DDT.


Alexa Bliss, Nia Jax, Alicia Fox & Emma defeat Bayley, Sasha Banks, Mickie James & Dana Brook

Enzo Amore vs. Luke Gallows

Enzo & Cass come down to the ring to talk some trash, capeesh? They say they were up all night beating up “Big Gal” Luke Gallows and that cue-ball Karl Anderson. And then outta nowhere, “The Hairless Club for Men” perform a surprise attack on Enzo & Cass. How ya doin’? Not very good, apparently.
You probably already guessed it. Luke Gallows kicked ass in this match. Of course, he had the advantage after assaulting Enzo before the match even started.
Amore tries to rally back, but he’s too beaten up to fight back against an ominous Luke Gallows.


Luke Gallows defeats Enzo Amore

Seth Rollins Promo

He asks, “Sacramento, how ya feeling tonight?”
Seth feels good too. Despite that he basically got his ass kicked by Samoa Joe last night, he still feels good. He’s been through his highs and lows. And today, he feels pretty high (no pun intended).
He says, “you need to embrace the sucky things in life, just as much as the good.” You need to do something about your situation, and better yourself. But when he looks into the mirror, he’s still Seth “Freakin” Rollins. At WrestleMania, he defeated the King of Kings. And last night, he took out Samoa Joe. There’s really only one thing left for Rollins to do…he wants The Beast. He wants Brock Lesnar. He wants the Universal Championship. He’s been to Suplex City, and he’s not afraid to go back.

But instead of Brock Lesnar, out comes Finn Balor. He says that Rollins is the inspirational “one armed man who beat Triple H at WrestleMania.” But Balor never lost the Universal title, and defeated Rollins with a dislocated shoulder. The line to fight Brock Lesnar starts with Finn Balor.
Out comes Dean Ambrose. He says, “Brock, Brock, Brock. Let’s face it, he doesn’t fight often.” So, the number one belt on Raw is the WWE Intercontinental Championship.
The Miz comes out next. “Hold up,” commands Miz. “You want to talk about action, first and foremost, these two (Balor and Rollins) haven’t earned anything, and personally, Dean, you are an embarrassment as a champion.”
“If anyone deserves that title, it is me,” says The Miz as the crowd boos. “I made that title relevant. I made the IC title mean something.”
“You’re also a member of the Finn Balor just kicked my ass club,” interjects Finn.
Miz calls Balor a coward who cheap-shotted him last night. He says Dean wouldn’t even defend his title at Payback. And Seth Rollins use to be the man, now he’s the one-legged man. Miz says, “There’s a reason everybody hates me, it’s because I’m the biggest threat on Monday Night-”
“Shut up,” says all three man.
Dean Ambrose calls up Kurt Angle, who isn’t happy that The Lunatic Fringe has his phone number. Ambrose tells everybody that Angle just made a triple threat #1 contender match for the IC title between The Miz, Finn Balor and Seth “Freakin” Rollins. It’s going down tonight! It’s true! It’s damn true!

Six-man tag team match: Tony Nese, The Brian Kendrick & Noam Dar vs. Rich Swann,  Akira Tozawa, & “Gentleman” Jack Gallagher

“Gentleman” Jack Gallagher gives each of his tag team partners (and himself) an umbrella. The guys with the silly umbrellas are the good guys.
The Brian Kendrick and Akira Tozawa kick off this match (literally). A kick from Tozawa may just be a lethal weapon. The good guys are kicking ass, and the bad guys are reeling when we go to commercial break.
We’re back live, and Kendrick has Tozawa in a submission hold. During the break, Noam Dar put the punishment on Tozawa with a wicked kick.
Brian hits Akira with a suplex, and then tags in Nese, who quickly goes on the attack. The super-strong Nese lifts Tozawa up in an extended vertical suplex and then bounces him off the top rope.
Noam Dar gets the tag, and mocks Rich Swann on the other end of the ring. Dar’s cockiness didn’t prove to be his downfall, as he puts the hurting on Tozawa.
Akira tires to rally back, but Dar is way too savvy. He tags Nese back in, who props Tozawa up in a torture rack. The crowd tries chants Tozawa’s battle cry, to help him rally back. Nese is way too cocky, and Tozawa capitalizes and reverses the tide.
Akira tags in Rich Swann, but comes in like a great ball of fire. He’s owning all of his opponents. Kendrick tries Sliced Bread #2 on Swann, but he tags in Gallagher. Jack headbutts Brian, and goes for the pin. He only gets a two count.
Kendrick regains ground and puts Gallagher in the Captain’s Hook. Tozawa and Swann launch themselves through the ropes and onto their opponents (technically, Swann flips over the top rope). This leads Gallagher to pick up the pieces against Kendrick.

“Gentleman” Jack Gallagher, Akira Tozawa & Rich Swann defeat The Brian Kendrick, Noam Dar & Tony Nese

Cesaro & Sheamus have a message to The Hardy Boyz


Don’t speak with the enemy, Apollo


Heath Slater vs. Apollo Crews

Apollo whooped some serious booty in this match-up. Heath held his own, but he was nothing against Crews when he has the Titus Brand in his corner. Not even the crowd’s “Heath’s got kids” chant could help Slater. Apollo puts away his opponent with a sitdown powerbomb.

Apollo Crews defeats Heath Slater

Kurt Angle meets Bray Wyatt

Kurt comes out and talks about the brutal match between Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman from last night. Angle says Roman re-injured his ribs and suffered internal bleeding, while Strowman tore his Rotator Cuff.
The arena goes dark, and out comes “The Eater of Worlds” Bray Wyatt. Bray has been reborn through violence last night. This may be Kurt Angle’s show. But he’s living in Bray Wyatt’s world.

Austin Aries vs. TJ Perkins (TJP)

Aries immediately goes on the attack to start the match. TJP tries to reverse the tide, but Aries drops him on the ring apron with a neckbreaker. Aries nails a missile dropkick onto his opponent and goes for the cover.  1…2…
TJP kicks out! But Aries is back on the attack with a Last Chauncery submission hold. Perkins fights out, but Aries hit back with an elbow. Aries goes to the top, but Perkins counters and flips Austin upside down in the corner.
Aries is stuck in the tree of woe, and TJP capitalizes with a running knee to the corner.
We’re back from the commercial break, and the vicious Perkins is still on the attack, targeting Austin’s hurt knee. Aries tries to fight back, but collapses under his own weight. Perkins locks in a submission hold on Austin’s knee on the top rope.
Austin rallies back, and hurls himself on Perkins with a suicide dive. Aries regains control of the match, with chops, a three-move combo of a gut-buster into a STO into the pendulum elbow. Perkins tries to regain control with some lethal kicks. But a Last Chauncey is all Austin ever needs to put away his opponent. TJP didn’t have a chance when he’s locked in the center of the ring with Austin Aries.

Austin Aries defeats TJP

Kurt Angles announces a #1 contender tag team turmoil for next week

Goldust and R-Truth try to convince Kurt Angle to give them a title shot at the Raw Tag Team Championships. But since their win-loss record is weak, they have to earn their way to a title shot. Angle announces a #1 contender tag team turmoil for next week. Good luck, Golden Truth!

Triple threat #1 contender match for the WWE Intercontinental Championship: The Miz vs. Finn Balor vs. Seth Rollins

The Miz showed just how savvy he is, early on in this contest, as he slid outside the ring and watched Balor and Rollins fight. Seth and Finn lock-up, and Balor goes for a quick roll-up. Miz tries to break-up the pin, and escapes the ring before he receives any punishment. The fight continues between Seth and Finn.
Balor and Rollins exit the ring and go after The Miz. He’s surrounded, so he desperately makes a run for it, going in and out of the ring to elude his opponents. Miz is caught, so he tries to shake Balor and Rollins’ hands. Both men are putting up with any of The Miz’s crap. The Miz tries to hit a sneak attack on Finn, but gets double teamed for his troubles.
Miz is really getting his ass kicked in this one. He eats a dropkick from Rollins. Seth tries to dive onto the Miz, but he cowardly pulls his wife in front of harm’s way. So, Balor took down The Miz instead.
Finn Balor eats a kick in the face via The Hollywood A-Lister, who attempts to mount a comeback. But then Rollins sours his momentum with a backbreaker. Rollins ascends the top rope, but Miz knocks him off, as Seth “The Architect” smacks into the barrier.
We’re back from commercial break, and The Miz is solidly in control of Finn Balor. Yes, you read it right, folks! Balor tries to break free from The Miz, but The Hollywood A-Lister hits hard with a knee to the gut. The Miz wastes time by taunting the fans who boo. That gives Balor enough time to turn the tide. Rollins also interjects himself back into the match with a crossbody onto Balor.
Rollins tries to attack The Miz, but instead, eats some dropkicks for his troubles. Miz taunts the crowd some more and takes out Rollins with a clothesline.
Both Balor and Rollins are on their knees, as The Miz unloads his “YES kicks” onto both men. Miz tries to kick Balor again, but misses. Finn sends Miz into Rollins, who props up Miz for a DDT. Balor dropkicks Seth, in effect making The Architect DDT the Hollywood A-Lister.
Balor is red hot now! He knocks Miz out of the ring, clotheslines Rollins, and then kicks The Miz in the face on the outside. Finn races around the ring and dropkicks Seth into the barrier.
Finn brings his opponent Rollins in the ring and nails the 1916. Finn goes for the cover, but the pin is broken up by The Miz at the count of 2.
The fans chant “This is awesome!” Balor and The Miz are going at with stiff shots, but Finn gets the upperhand and tosses his opponent out of the ring once more. Balor hits a sling-blade on Rollins.
Miz tries to hit a Skull Crushing Finale on Rollins, but Seth rolls up his opponent. The Miz kicks out and quickly recuperates, targeting Rollins’ knee and hitting him with a DDT. Miz then locks in the figure four leg lock on Rollins. WOOOOOOOOOOO!
Balor breaks up the submission with a kick. Finn goes for the cover, but The Miz kicks out. The crowd chants “This is awesome” once more as Finn fires away on The Miz with some stiff forearm shots. Balor and Rollins trade kicks.
The Miz is getting mopped in the ring. But then Samoa Joe comes out and takes out Rollins. Balor looks like he’s about to put away a vulnerable Miz, but then Bray Wyatt comes out and makes a new enemy with the former WWE Universal Champion. A Sister Abigail is all that’s need to put away Balor for the 3 count.

The Miz wins and becomes the new #1 contender for Dean Ambrose’s Intercontinental Championship

WWE Monday Night Raw Announced Matches

  1. Enzo Amore vs. Luke Gallows
  2. Austin Aries vs. TJ Perkins (TJP)
  3. Six-man tag team match: Tony Nese, The Brian Kendrick & Noam Dar vs. Rich Swann,  Akira Tozawa, & “Gentleman” Jack Gallagher
  4. Triple threat #1 contender match for the WWE Intercontinental Championship: The Miz vs. Finn Balor vs. Seth Rollins
  5. Heath Slater vs. Apollo Crews
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