WATCH: The Hardy Boyz Epic Return At WrestleMania 33 (New Champions Crowned!)

The Hardy Boyz are back, baby! One of the best tag teams in all of professional wrestling have returned home to the WWE, and oh yeah, **spoiler alert** they’re the new WWE Raw Tag Team Champions.

What Happened?

Right before the triple threat ladder match for the Raw Tag Team Championship, ya boys The New Day hit the ring to announce a forth team for the match. And it wasn’t The New Day, oh no, it was…The Hardy Boyz!

The Hardy Boyz clashed with three of Raw’s top tag teams in the form of Enzo & Cass, Cesaro & Sheamus, and the now former champions Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson. Jeff was even able to perform his signature Swanton Bomb off the ladder onto a prone Cesaro. After a grueling contest, The Hardys procured the WWE Raw Tag Team Championship.

This is a most delightful victory for the House of Hardy!

The Hardy Boys are happy to be back in the WWE. And I am too. My childhood was doing back-flips when The New Day introduced those legendary brothers from North Carolina, who are simply oozing with broken brilliance.

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