UC Berkeley To Begin Teaching Class In 'Game Of Thrones' Dothraki Language

As a Rutgers graduate, I’m used to my school being regularly involved in negative PR. During my entire four five years there, a new shit storm would crop up every six months like f*cking clockwork.
But somehow, despite the odds, Rutgers has not had the worst PR of any school this year. No, that distinction is firmly held by UC Berkely.
Every since Donnie Freedom set up shop in Mar-A-Laaaaaaa I mean the White House, the considerably liberal University of California-Berkeley has been losing its collective shit.
Back in February, there was an absolutely massive riot that looked like something out of a dystopian future movie. Then there was ANOTHER protest after professional shit-stirrer Milo Yannipolopopdoppos (not how it’s spelt, don’t care enough to look it up, might as well be Dothraki) was scheduled to speak at the school. Then just this past week, Ann Coulter was strong-armed out of a scheduled appearance. I think it goes without saying that the uppity white kids going to the boujee California college are none too pleased with the host of NBC’s hit reality show The Apprentice grabbing America by its metaphorical pussy.
So, how do you turn around your plummeting PR quick, fast and in a hurry? Just throw some Game of Thrones shit at the wall and see if it sticks. Hype for Game of Thrones right now may be the most hyped any TV show has been in the history of forever, so anything remotely related to it will surely turn some frowns upside down. And since they realistically can’t base a course are Daenerys’ nude scenes, the can do the next best thing: teach you to speak her language.
UC Berkeley has announced that David J. Peterson, the linguist that developed Dothraki for the hit HBO show, will be teaching a six-week summer course in the language.
via Berkeley:

“The class is best understood as an art course, the same way a figure drawing course might include a fairly rigorous component on human anatomy. To the average TV viewer, there’s no difference between the work I’ve done for Game of Thrones and Gallifreyan from Doctor Who, which isn’t even a language, but a different way of writing the English alphabet.”

So I see you, UC Berkeley. Short of sending prospective students a slideshow of Emilia Clarke‘s hangers, this is probably your next best move.

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