Ann Coulter’s Appearance At UC Berkeley Canceled Amid Safety Concerns

The University of California Berkeley has canceled an upcoming appearance from conservative pundit Ann Coulter after school officials feared that a safe venue could not be found.

Coulter says that UC Berkeley is responsible for the cancelation due to their concerns over violent protests. Furthermore, Coulter criticized the group who originally sponsored her speech, Young America’s Foundation, for backing out after originally suing the school for the right to have Coulter speak.

Coulter, one of the most divisive commentators in the country, was scheduled to give a speech critical of pro-immigration policies on Thursday, April 27. She announced the university’s decision in a series of tweets.

Berkeley officials previously said that there was no safe venue at the campus for Coulter to speak, citing violent demonstrations by left-wing protestors before a February appearance from Milo Yiannopoulos.

Coulter says that despite the cancelation of her speech, she may still visit campus on that day anyway.

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