William & Mary Student Veteran Association Accuses Pi Kappa Alpha Of Cultural Appropriation

The Student Veteran Association at William & Mary college has taken issue with a university fraternity, accusing them of cultural appropriation of military culture and racism against Asians after hosting a camouflage-themed party.
Pi Kappa Alpha, who threw the themed party earlier this month, was raising money for disabled veterans as part of its Military Appreciation Week.
The annual PIKE party began back to 1964 and was initially thrown as a farewell party for students who were drafted to fight in Vietnam. Years ago, after Asian-American students took offense, the fraternity changed the original Vietnam theme to a far less diverse camouflage theme. However, controversy has still surrounded the fraternity’s party since.
Of those who took issue with this year’s party was the school’s Student Veteran, who complained to William & Mary’s president, the dean of students, the student assembly president, the Student Leadership Development Office, and the Interfraternity Council.
The Asian-American Student Initiative also complained to school officials. The AASI said that even though the fraternity changed it to a camo-themed event, they still use bamboo decorations, as well as several members still referring to it as the “Nam Party.”
In addition to their complaints,  the witness statements and impact reports they submitted to the Student Leadership Development Office has garnered signatures from 70 other campus groups.

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