Marshawn Lynch’s Tweet Announcing His Return To The NFL Was Just Perfect

We’re huge Marshawn Lynch guys around here. In fact, one of my favorite articles I’ve ever written for COED was my recap of Lynch’s appearance onĀ Running Wild with Bear Grylls. It was some of the most enthralling television I’ve ever seen, and it was all from BeastMode just being BeastMode. If you’re unfamiliar, give it a watch, because it’s a blast.

After news broke yesterday that the Seattle Seahawks and Oakland Raiders had agreed on a deal to send the future Hall Of Famer to his hometown team, tweets from all corners of the internet starting flooding in. Both athletes and fans alike were thrilled to hear that not only had BeastMode made it back to where he belongs, but he would be doing so in the Silver & Black.

However, it should come as no surprise that the greatest reaction to Marshawn’s return was from … Marshawn himself. And in classic Marshawn fashion, it was simple, yet eloquent.

“I had hella fun in Seattle, but I’m really from Oakland doe.”

Good to have you back, BeastMode.

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