Jim Harbaugh Met The Pope, So Naturally He Gave Him A Helmet & A Pair Of Jordans

In case drinking milk with steak wasn’t enough to convince you, I can now confirm to you that Jim Harbaugh is an alien. Dude is just not of this earth.

While on a team trip to Italy funded by an anonymous donor, the University of Michigan football coach and extraterrestrial in disguise Jim Harbaugh somehow found a way to meet the pope.

From what I understand, Harbaugh is a relatively religious man, so naturally, he gifted the Holy Father with… University of Michigan swag?

Harbaugh, along with his wife, compared meeting the pope to meeting Jesus Christ. Just like Justin Bieber wondered if Ann Frank would have been a Belieber, I wonder is ole’ Jesus would have been a Wolverine.

The Harbaughs presented Pope Francis with a University of Michigan football helmet with the number 266 emblazoned on it to celebrate the pope’s pontiff number, along with a pair of Nikes with ‘Your Holiness’ written on the box.

“It was emotional; it was beautiful. The Holy Father’s face is beautiful. His smile. The way he talks is peaceful. It’s calm. It felt like, this is what it would be like to meet Jesus Christ. That’s what it felt like to me,” Harbaugh said.

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