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Stephen Colbert Shreds Rachel Maddow In Hilarious Spoof Of Her Trump Tax Return Special


Man, it’s good to have peak Stephen Colbert back.

In case you missed it this past Tuesday evening, Rachel Maddow claimed to have President Donald Trump’s tax returns.

Predictably, the internet went wild thinking that Maddow had actually uncovered Trump’s latest tax returns. Spoiler alert: she didn’t.

As it turns out, the information Maddow ended up producing was just a few pages from his 2005 return, making all the anticipation seem overblown and the show seem more interested in ratings than the truth.

While Maddow was ripped by pundits from both sides of the aisle, the best response came from none other than The Late Show, whose host, Stephen Colbert, has been on a hot streak for the ages.

If you didn’t already know: Colbert is back. And he’s here to stay.

F*ck Jimmy Fallon.

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