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High School Student Hacks Into School’s Computers, Charges People To Change Their Grades


An unidentified sophomore at Memorial High School was arrested by Spring Branch ISD Police back on March 31 for allegedly gaining access to the school’s computer system and changing grades.

According to reports, the 10th grader gained access to the school’s computer system and was offering to change students’ grades for a fee. A representative from Spring Branch ISD said, “At this time, an ongoing investigation has found only one other underclassman paid the student to change their grades.”

The student as been charged with breach of computer security, which is a state felony. The investigation is currently ongoing.

Memorial High School released a statement on the hack:

A Memorial High School sophomore student was arrested by SBISD Police on March 31, 2017, and was later charged with breach of computer security, a state jail felony charge.

Using a stolen password, the student gained access to the district’s information system and changed personal grades.

The student also allegedly offered to change grades for classmates for a fee.

The school, which has an enrollment of over 2,000, declined to identify the suspect.

In Texas, a breach of computer security is defined as “knowingly accessing a computer, network, or system without the effective consent of its owner.” The charge is instantly elevated from misdemeanor to felony if the victim is a computer or computer system owned by the government, which the school’s computer was.

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