Florida Woman Found Passed Out In Driver's Seat With Bottle Of Vodka & Her Kids In The Back Seat

Carolina Buitrago, a 39-year-old Florida woman, was arrested after she was found so intoxicated that she fell asleep in her parked car while her two young sons were in the back seat.
Buitrago, 39, of Pembroke Pines, Florida, was found by local police on Sunday, April 16, in the driver’s seat of her running Honda Accord with a “half-empty” bottle of Absolut vodka next to her.
According to Pembroke Pines Police, her two sons, ages two and four years old, were in the back seat, sweating, while their mother slept in the car.
Via Local 10:

The officer noticed red scratch marks on the oldest boy’s left leg and asked him what happened. Police said the boy told the officer that his mother pinched him really hard while he was in the car “for no reason.” Police said the younger boy needed a neighbor to give him a diaper change because his mother was passed out.
Two witnesses told police that they were standing outside their home when one of the children rolled down a back seat window and asked for someone’s help to wake up his mother. The witnesses said they tried to awaken Buitrago, but were unsuccessful, so they called police.

When Buitrago woke up, police say she claimed that she had purchased a bottle of vodka earlier in the day and was drinking it with her children in the car, however, she denied hitting them.
Police said Buitrago tried to pull away from the arresting officer and wrapped her feet around the bottom of the police car to prevent the officer from closing the door. Another officer had to help force Buitrago into the squad car.
Buitrago faces charges of child abuse, neglect, and resisting arrest without violence.

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