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Canada’s Northern Maverick Brewery Announces Genius ‘Fake News Ale’


via Maverick Brewing Company

United Airlines should hit up the marketing guy for Canada’s Nothern Maverick Brewery and hire him ASAP┬ábecause this is a genius move.

The Canadian brewery announced the launch of their new ‘Fake News Ale,’ a beer inspired by none other than Donnie Freedom. And surprisingly enough, it’s more than just a cheap marketing trick:┬áthe company promises to donate 5% of sales to “help reverse a questionable policy” enacted by Donald Trump‘s administration.

Our Sessions-able ale pairs well with: small hands, striking comb-overs, HUUUGE egos and all things Mexican. We stand in solidarity with our American neighbors in their time of need for beer.

For each can sold of this beer, we will donate 5 percent of sales (which we estimate at this point to be 20 to25 percent of this beer’s profits) to help reverse a questionable policy.

In a few weeks, voting will begin to determine which cause will receive the charitable donation.

On Instagram, the brewery promised the beer would never leak. Get it?

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