10 Best National Beer Day Tweets

It’s National Beer Day, folks. That means if you’re not slugging a cold one as you read this, you probably suck at life.
To commemorate this wonderful and amazing holiday, here are the 10 best National Beer Day tweets for 2017. Enjoy.

I had a Rabbi who was fond of saying that coincidence is just an 11-letter word for God. Well, let me take this opportunity to thank God for today. Good looks, bro.

If anyone on this planet knows something about beer, it’s Stone Cold Steve Austin. Dude is one of the most legendary beer drinkers of all time. He’ll chug a Budweiser then Stone Cold Stunner your sober ass.

Who said art is dead? The creative spirit is alive and well in Merica. Someone get this guy a Pulitzer.

Admittedly, I’m not a hockey guy. But if the sport was anything like this, I could get into it. Or, at the very least, I could go to a game, get hammered and fight a complete stranger. Whatever’s easiest.

I’d say yes, but my boss is probably reading this right now. So just to be safe: I LOVE WORKING AND BEING PRODUCTIVE AND MAKING MY COMPANY LOTS OF MONEY. ESPECIALLY ON FRIDAYS.
Princess Leia handing Luke Skywalker a beer in the cockpit of an X-Wing…Are you f—ing kidding me?!ย The Force (always capitalized) is strong with this tweet.

This is true…Also, can I slide into them DM’s, Taylor?
Oh snap, two Stars Wars National Beer Day tweets in one list?!
We all know Darth is just a lame Dad at heart. Let him take a break from maintaing an iron death grip on the galaxy and massacring younglings to relax and enjoy a cold one.
Is this guy not the real MVP of National Beer Day or what?

When in doubt, hit ’em with puppies. Everybody loves puppies.


I Am Writing This Article Strictly Because This Man Looks Like A Real Life Cartoon Character
I Am Writing This Article Strictly Because This Man Looks Like A Real Life Cartoon Character
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