Arrest Warrants Issued Against College Of Charleston Fraternity Brothers

Charleston police have issued warrants for two former College of Charleston fraternity brothers. The warrants stem from new charges related to the alleged rape of a minor at a frat party back in August of 2016.
James West III, 22, and Timothy Seppi, 22, are the two former fraternity brothers who face the charges.
West faces charges of third-degree criminal sexual conduct. If convicted, West faces a maximum sentence of 10 years.
Seppi, on the other hand, faces a charge of second-degree assault and battery, which a misdemeanor. If convicted, Seppi faces up to three years in jail and/or a $2,500 fine.
According to Charles Francis, a spokesman for the Charleston police, the new charges stem from the results of the victim’s rape kit. Francis said DNA from West’s saliva matched DNA found on the victim’s clothes.
Via Post and Courier:

The victim was a 17-year-old College of Charleston freshman at the time of her alleged assault in August. According to police and court records, she was invited to a “Bid Day” party hosted by the college’s chapter of Alpha Epsilon Pi at Seppi’s Ashley Avenue apartment, celebrating the end of fraternity recruitment.
Seppi and West approached her at the party, where West “forcefully walked her up two flights of stairs” to Seppi’s bedroom, according to police affidavits. At this point, the affidavits state, she “became alarmed” and attempted to leave, but they pushed her into the room and locked the door. According to the affidavits, they proceeded to undress her, force her to take illegal drugs and order her to perform sex acts on West.
She again tried to stand up and leave, but West and Seppi continued to sexually assault her, the affidavits state, until she started crying and screaming. Then West left the room while Seppi searched for the victim’s clothes. Another woman walked in the room and found the victim wearing only her underwear and appearing distraught.

The victim went to Medical University Hospital that night to receive a rape kit.
Seppi and West were members of Alpha Epsilon Pi at the university. West was charged in September 2016 for engaging a child for sexual performance and was released on a $15,000 bond.

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