Missing California College Student's Truck Found In Abandoned Orchard

The truck of Alycia Yeoman, a missing 20-year-old college student from California, has been found abandoned in an orchard. The car was found with a single pair of footprints leading away from it.
Yeoman, 20, was last seen leaving a male friend’s house in the same exact truck in Yuba City, California, on Thursday, March 30.
California police have confirmed that Yeoman’s truck, a green 1998 Toyota Tacoma, was found covered in mud at a nearby orchard in Sutter County, California.
According to the Sutter County Sheriff’s Office, authorities and investigators were able to determine that Yeoman’s truck went down a levee and got stuck in the mud off of Pennington Road. That is where they discovered an individual pair of footprints going away from the truck.

Furthermore, police said they located Yeoman’s phone in the same area near the truck.
Via Fox:

Police said Yeoman’s cell phone was found in the same general area as her truck. Detectives are currently investigating her phone for possible leads.
Tuesday morning, police and Sutter County sheriff’s canine deputies began a search of the Pennington Road area.Currently, investigators say there is no evidence of foul play in Yeoman’s disappearance.
Yeoman’s ex-boyfriend, Leo Almonte, says the couple has been together nearly two years, and that they were about to make their reconciliation as a couple public, just before she went missing.
He says she probably took to the back roads to get home, in order to avoid law enforcement, if she had been drinking.

Yeoman is a student at Yuba College. A Facebook page called Find Alycia Yeoman has been set up to help find her.
The 20-year-old Yeoman is described as 5’4″, 115 pounds, and has brownish-blonde hair with braces, a nose ring, and a small mole near her left eye.
Authorities are asking anyone with potential information about Yeoman’s whereabouts to call the Gridley Police Department at 530-846-5670.
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