College Of Charleston Has Already Axed Three Fraternities This Semester And Jeez The Carolinas Really Suck These Days

According to The Post And Courier, the national board of directors of Sigma Nu Fraternity quietly voted to suspend the charter of the College of Charleston’s Iota Rho Chapter following violations concerning alcohol, drugs, and hazing, also known as all of the reasons anyone joins a fraternity in the first place. This is the third College of Charleston fraternity suspended this semester amid allegations of student misconduct. I told you all over a year ago that fraternities are dying and this is just another example.
In September, members of the college Kappa Alpha Order agreed to close their chapter just months after the 2014 chapter president and others were arrested for their role in a major off-campus drug ring. Kind of hard to defend that, but drug dealing and being in a fraternity are not mutually exclusive. I knew plenty of drug dealers in college that never went anywhere near a frat house.

The university has instituted an alcohol ban at all fraternity and sorority events following “a series of dangerous behaviors … ranging from disruptive parties out in the community this month to recent medical transports related to extreme intoxication.”

Yeah, College of Charleston, fraternities throw parties and people sometimes get blasted and have to go to the hospital. It happens to the best of us. People get hit by cars and we aren’t going to outlaw those anytime soon.

This is what pisses me off about the state of fraternities in America. Although some of these actions are indefensible, eradicating fraternities will not eliminate the problem. People will still sell drugs, still throw parties, still get too f*cked up. It’s life.

[h/t Post and Courier]

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