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Wyclef Jean Handcuffed After Police Mistake Him For Robbery Suspect


Wyclef Jean’s Twitter

Early Tuesday morning, Wyclef Jean left a Los Angeles recording studio after presumably cooking up some hot fire. While at a gas station, Jean was handcuffed by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, as they mistakenly believed he was a robbery suspect. A man and woman were beaten and robbed at gunpoint close to the area, and police officers must not have recognized the legendary recording artist.

Jean posted a video of his encounter with the police to his Twitter account.

Not a great look for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department at all. But according to the New York Times, it seemed to be an innocent mistake.

Sgt. Duncan said in a telephone interview that the suspect was described as a black man with a dark hoodie who fled in a gold or tan Toyota. At about 1:25 a.m., deputies pulled over a vehicle matching that description driven by a woman with a male passenger. When the man, who later turned out to be Mr. Jean, was seen wearing a red bandana, the victims, contacted by radio, said that the suspect had also been wearing one, Sgt. Duncan said

Mr. Jean and the woman were told to get out of the car, and Mr. Jean was handcuffed and detained, Sgt. Duncan said. They were released when the victims said there was no female in the getaway car, and the three deputies and the sergeant at the location with Mr. Jean were also informed that the real suspect had been arrested elsewhere.

The whole incident only lasted six minutes, but that’s still gotta be one scary ass ordeal to endure. I guess this is the thanks Wyclef gets for making the greatest drug pusher anthem of all-time. No good deed goes unpunished indeed.

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