Sooo This Video Of A Door Opening & Closing In A Brazilian Morgue Is Definitely Proof Of Ghosts, Right?

Okay, this video comes with very little context, so you’re going to have to bare with me.
Ghosts aren’t as cut and dry as aliens. While I think it’s unquestionable that aliens exist, ghosts are more of a gray area. Aliens can be chalked up to science and statistics whereas ghosts fall more under faith and spirit, so they’re a little bit harder to rationalize.
That said, I’m more or less in when it comes to believing in ghosts, and this video is only further affirming that belief.
Like I said, very little context, but here’s what the YouTube description says (roughly), courtesy of The Google Machine’s translate device:

Watching a horror movie is easy. It’s difficult is to be guardian of the IML of Cuiabá at night.

Here are some additional details, via Globo:

Netizens were intrigued by the video of a dark environment with flashing lights and a slamming door that turned on social networks and hit the top of Twitter Trending Topics on Tuesday morning. In the comments, many said the scary record was made at the Instituto Medico Legal (IML) in Cuiabá, Mato Grosso.
However, the mystery about the location of the video is over. The images were recorded at the Comprehensive Care Center for Children and Adolescents of Araucária (CAIC), in Paraná. The information was confirmed by the direction of the Municipal School Eglé Cordeiro Machado Pinto, that is part of the educational complex.
According to the Araucária City Hall, the Public Security Secretariat will open an investigation to investigate the events shown in the images. The two agents have already been identified but, for now, have their identities preserved to the public.

What does everyone else think? Anomalous wind tunnel? Clever viral marketing? Or full blow poltergeist?
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