Florida Couple Bring 5-Year-Old Into Bar, Puke Everywhere, Fight The Manager, Get Arrested

A couple of Florida degenerates are facing child neglect charges after Pinellas County deputies say they took their five-year-old child to a bar, got wasted, lost track of the child, and tried to fight the manager.
David and Deana Pulis, a Palm Harbor, Florida couple, were at De Bine Brewing Company on Saturday, March 18, around 12:17 A.M., when both consumed numerous alcohol beverages and failed to properly supervise their child.
According to police, Deana Pulis passed out on a bench and David Pulis lost track of the child in the bar. Bar employees helped to locate the child for ten minutes and called a ride for the couple. When entering the car, Deana Pulis vomited everywhere in front of the establishment.

“It’s ridiculous. Completely irresponsible,” said one patron who was at the bar Saturday. “There was a woman who was quite inebriated.”

The report from WFLA says it was at this point that the couple was ordered to leave the bar, which is when David Pulis attacked the manager by punching him in the face.

“These two couldn’t provide the cops or anybody there of a phone or name of somebody that the child could go home with,” the witness said. “So, the cops had no choice but to call DCF. But there was at least an hour of conceded effort to try and find a place for the kid to go.”

Both Deana and David were arrested and the child was put into the care of the DCF. They have since bonded out of jail.
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