We Want You To Join Us As A COED Campus Ambassador

Are you an undergraduate college student who lives a dope life? Do you enjoy things like fun, new opportunities, and free stuff? Then you should consider joining us as a COED Campus Ambassador! We’re putting together a kickass team of undergrads who want to be a big part of what we’re doing here at COED, whether it’s submitting photos/videos, creating new and original content for our readers, or just giving us tips about that insane video floating around campus before anyone else.
For the past few months, we’ve been posting a lot of what the Campus Ambassadors have sent us on our Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. It’s a great opportunity for exposure for yourself, learn how to market your own brand, or just to collaborate with some similarly creative students. You also get a phenomenal opportunity to talk about events, charity functions, or whatever else you want to talk about.
For the past few years, the Campus Ambassador Program was invite-only. We were pulling some of the most creative undergraduate college students from around the country to collaborate on some awesome ideas/content/programs. It was a big success and we’re really happy with what we achieved, but we needed more. We needed to blow this thing out of the water. And if we wanted to get an army of thousands of college students submitting their stories and photos and videos, we needed to start opening up the program to applications.
So, that’s where we are right now: we’re building the strongest army of college students in the country and we want you to join the squad. This is the easiest decision of your life. Join up, hear us out, and start making your good times work for you.
If you want to learn some more information, click the link below.






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