Guy Who Made False Bomb Threat Against White House Claims He Was Speaking To Trump Telepathically

Sean Patrick Keoughan, 29, was arrested last weekend after he claimed to have a bomb in his car at a White House checkpoint. Now it’s being reported that Keoughan, who did not have any weapons on him, believed he communicated with President Trump telepathically.

What Happened?

Keoughan drove up to a White House checkpoint last Saturday and made a false claim of having a bomb in his car. Later, he said: “This is a test.” Keoughan is reportedly now claiming that he was asked to meet with the president telepathically.
While law enforcement was questioning him, he said he “had a very large, heavy bag in the trunk of his car with an asteroid in it,” according to the affidavit.
“According to Keoughan, the communication occurs through a process called ‘Think Talk,’ which is a process that occurs in his mind and allows him to communicate with high-level officials such as President Trump, the Secret Service and Delta Force,” Secret Service Agent Jason Verdejo wrote in the sworn affidavit.
“Keoughan told agents that the asteroid was made of the heaviest metal known to man, and he stated that he obtained it from his father through a wormhole.”

Keoughan was charged with making a false bomb threat and unauthorized use of a vehicle. On Monday, a judge ordered him to receive a mental competency exam.
On the night he was arrested, Keoughan approached the White House checkpoint two separate times. At first, he told security he was supposed to be meeting with the president. The second time, he told security he had a bomb.
Keoughan later told police he was a “peaceful hippie” who was not intending to hurt anyone.

Who Is Sean Patrick Keoughan?

Sean Keoguhan is a 29-year-old who was arrested for making a false bomb threat at a White House checkpoint. It was reported that he was driving a stolen car with Indiana plates. The car was originally reported stolen in Roanoke, Virginia. According to The Daily Beast, Keoughan is from Virginia.

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