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First Day Of Spring 2017 Memes: Funny Photos, Best Jokes & Images


Shake the snow off your boots, take off your gloves and hang up your winter jacket. It’s officially the first day of spring, ladies and gentlemen.

Yes, we realize this may be a bit confusing thanks to the mountains of snow that have yet to melt outside. But March 20, 2017 truly is the spring equinox AKA the vernal equinox AKA warmer weather is en route. You may take a moment to do the happy dance.

This year, the spring equinox occurred exactly at 6:29 A.M. EST in the northern hemisphere (shout out to Christopher Columbus). At that time, the sun crossed directly over the earth’s equator. “What’s the big deal,” you ask? Good question.

From Metro:

“Meteorological seasons are based on the annual temperature cycle. As the meteorological calendar is split into four seasons of roughly the same length, it’s widely accepted that March 1 is the first day of spring.”

In an effort to celebrate this momentous occasion, we’ve put together a gallery of the funniest and best first day of spring memes above. Take a look and enjoy the looming warm weather.

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