Guy In Onesie Vs. Bootleg Ed Sheeran Vs. Fedora-Wearing Woman Makes The Best Fight Video Ever

Most fight videos are like a pitcher that only has one of two good pitches — it gets the job done, but it’ll never blow you away. There will be a good knockout, but weak commentary. Maybe the video was recorded vertically or there is no sound. Either way, it’s rare that a viral fight video is completely perfect.
What you are about to watch very well may be the perfect fight video.
Right from the first frame, there are signs this could be a hall of fame video:
You’ve got a bootleg Ed Sheeran in his battle stance, wielding his guitar against a man wearing what appears to be an Eeyore onesie. There’s a beer on the floor, so alcohol may (probably) is involved, and a Bubba Gump restaurant in the background. They’re in Vegas, and everything, especially fights, are more fun in Vegas.
Few words are spoken between Sheeran and Eeyore, and then the Fedora-ed one comes in hot, announcing to the crowd of strangers that Eeyore is essentially a rapist.
It’s essentially a he said-she said scenario at this point, as the Fedora-ed one and Eeyore argue about who gave who what drugs. Needless to say, it’s a shit show and the punches haven’t even started flying yet.
This is when Sheeran ‘flexes’ on Eeyore, which he does not appreciate, dropping an all-time classic fight phrase:

What are you gonna do n*gga? Flex on me fool! What the f*ck are you gonna do bitch?

Sheeran takes a swing, but illogically, swings skinny end first. I’m of the opinion that if you’re going to commit to wielding a guitar, you should at least wield it properly. This is when this all takes a very sharp turn for Vegas Ed.
Eeyore, who appears to be angrier, stronger, and the more experienced fighter as Vegas Ed dead to rights as soon as he got him in his clutches. After a couple of ruthless knees and punches to the dome, Eeyore wraps up Sheeran and lets out an almighty ‘YOU MOTHERF*CKER!’ before slamming Vegas Ed’s face so hard into the pavement he may have crossed over into the fourth dimension.
[protected-iframe id=”b897c9afc0752bff820d99bb12f191c1-3508545-91726680″ info=”″ width=”640″ height=”360″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen=””]
So, best fight video of all time or what? In this line of work, I come across dozens of viral fight videos a week, and this one is certainly on my Mount Rushmore.

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