Turns Out This Chick Dropped That Blonde Girl For Twerking On Her Boyfriend

My initial reaction when I saw this video was that this girl is SCREWED. You don’t go wildly viral for knocking someone out and not get in trouble.
A couple of years ago, a Florida police department put out a warrant for a dude who threw a football at a police squad, so you have to imagine the chick in the Red Sox jersey throwing haymakers is going to strum up a little more attention.
BUT, luckily for the bomb dropping Sox fan, she’s only 17- years old.
The brawl between the two spring breakers in South Padre Island, Texas ended with the loser, who is named as “Keelsey,” being twerked over as she laid on the ground, knocked out by a high school senior.
The “winner,” 17-year-old (!!!) Oklahoma City senior Bayleigh Anderson, was in South Padre Island off Texas’s southeast coast last week when she saw “Keelsey” flirting with her boyfriend.
The rest is viral internet history.

Of course, the victim claims that she was ‘too drunk’ to fight back. Sure, babe, we’re all always too drunk to fight back. That’s why we lose.
Even though she lost, this chick is still an absolute savage. The post-concussion boge is one of the most aggressive moves I’ve ever seen.

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