Spring Break Fight Videos 2017: Best Brawls & Knockouts

As much fun as spring break is for everyone involved, the sad truth is that with so many party animals going wild, and even more liquor flowing, there are going to be more than a couple of fights. It really is a case of the mob mentality. One second you’re feeling indestructible, the next second someone accidentally bumps into you, then the crowd starts yelling and antagonizing both of you, and now all of a sudden you’re in the middle of a ring of people trying to kill the other person.
Having never been in a fight in my life, the biggest tip I can give for getting into a spring break fight is to just not get into one. Walk away. Literally be the bigger man. Because not only are you going to get arrested, you’re probably going to be lying on the sand and be the victim in a viral video like the ones you see below.
**We’ll be updating this post regularly as more and more fight videos start hitting the internet. If you have one we might like to see, send it to us on Twitter or Instagram.**


One Hitter Quitter

Moment of silence for Big Red here. Truthfully, this is probably a hospital visit with a side of brain damage.
As far as what actually transpired before the camera turned on, we have no idea, but how the hell Big Red didn’t see the guy wearing a billion bright colors take a running swing at him is way beyond me. Maybe all those colors worked as a form of camouflage. Either way, the guy who threw that one hitter quitter should also hope that the camo works against the police because you can 100% guarantee that this guy is going to be a wanted man by the authorities.


Fort Lauderdale Horse Cop

Next to a K-9 unit or a SWAT Team, mounted police are pretty much the scariest group of law enforcement officers who can come after you. There’s something about the combination of a massive beast being ridden by a gun-wielding cop that just scares the crap out of me..


Beach Place, Miami

Zero idea what started this, but I’d like to give two special shoutouts. First one goes to the guy in the sling who comes in (against all odds) swinging for the fences. Rule #1 of Spring Break fights is to protect your head at all times because you never know where the next punch comes from. Since this guy literally only has one working arm, he couldn’t protect himself even if he tried.
The second shoutout obviously goes to the girl who comes in to protect her one-armed boyfriend from the dude in blue (who I’m not even sure was trying to fight anyone). The upside is that’s a ride or die chick right there. The downside is that if you start jumping into brawls you’ll probably die.

It’s About to Be A… Girl Fight

Girl vs. Girl fight knockout videos are the white buffalo of fight videos: you just don’t see them all that often. So the fact that someone managed to record one down in South Padre is an absolute miracle.


Fort Lauderdale Spring Break Fight

I would like to apologize for the fact that this is the same soundtrack over the fight, but I’m just finding and embedding these videos. I don’t make them. Obviously props go to the big man in grey for taking on so many people, but I’d like to bring attention to the short guy with blonde hair. This man honestly didn’t even look like he wanted to start anything but just by the very instinct of balling his fists and standing next to the first victim, he got punched really quickly.

The G.O.A.T

After the first 8 people got murdered, you would think that someone would stop trying to break the fight up. Nope. Also, how the hell does this fat boy have that kind of stamina?


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