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West Virginia’s Elijah Macon Got Drilled In Face By Basketball


Bleacher Report

4-seeded West Virginia took care of business against 13-seeded Bucknell this afternoon, picking up an 86-80 victory. It wasn’t all positive for the Mountaineers, though, as Elijah Macon was absolutely drilled by a basketball.

Watch Bucknell guard Avi Toomer throw a missile off of Macon’s face while trapped in the corner.

I can’t even imagine how badly that must’ve hurt. That was from point blank range with some serious velocity, which is pretty much the worse possible combination when it comes to getting hit in the face. Since when did basketball get so dangerous? Just a couple of weeks ago, poor Marcin Gortat almost got his head knocked clean off his shoulders from a John Wall pass.

Basketball players might need to start wearing catcher’s masks with the way things have been going lately. Or at the very least, one of those badass Rip Hamilton jobs.

West Virginia will take on Notre Dame next in a highly intriguing 4-seed vs. 5-seed matchup on Saturday. West Virginia’s chaotic defense going against Notre Dame’s surgical offense could end up being the biggest contrast of styles we’ll see all tournament.

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