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The NYPD have arrested a BB gun sniper who shot three people in Brooklyn – including a 13-year-old boy, authorities said Thursday.

What Happened?

Tyquel Mackins, 18, has been arrested for shooting a 13-year-old boy, a 46-year-old man and a 72-year old man across several days.
Police headed in Mackins’ direction following an anonymous tip.
All three victims were shot just a short distance from Mackins’ home in the Cypress Hills Houses on Euclid Ave. near Linden Blvd. in Cypress Hills.
Mackins began shooting pedestrians with his BB gun around 9:30 A.M. EST on Sunday, when he shot a 46-year-old man in the neck. Cops have said that the victim was treated at Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center. A few hours later, Mackins shot 13-year-old Christopher Ferguson was he walked home from a nearby store. Authorities say the pellet grazed the teen’s face.
“He looked down at his phone and he saw blood dripping,” his mother, Yolanda Ferguson, 46, said. “He called me and said, ‘Ma, I just got shot.'”
On Tuesday, Mackins shot a senior in the arm, a block from his apartment.
The police spoke with his mother and search his bedroom after receiving a tip about his involvement. They found a BB rifle with a scope. Mackins confessed to the crime and said that a friend also participated in the shootings.
He has been charged with felony assault and misdemeanor counts of reckless endangerment and criminal possession of a weapon. He has also been charged with a robbery he committed with several others.
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