Killian Barbey Photos: Must-See Pictures Of Alleged Shooter

The 16-year-old high school student arrested for injuring two students and the headmaster at Alexis de Tocqueville high school in Grasse, France on Thursday during a school shooting has been identified as Killian Barbey.
Officials have said that Barbey was armed with a rife, two handguns and two grenades during the shooting. Around 1 P.M. on Thursday afternoon, students reported hearing gunfire. Barbey reportedly was infatuated with American mass shootings.

French journalist Nicholas Henin described the alleged shooter as a “fragile young man” on Twitter.

Henin reports that Barbey was the victim of “harassment.” Le Monde reports that Barbey is from Tocqueville and watched “videos of mass killings.” L’Express reports that Barbey “consulted” websites that focused on American high school shootings.
Barbey is the son of Franck Barbey, a former Grasse city counselor from the far-right Front National Party, according to La Depeche. Since that time, the elder Barbey has left that party for the right-wing RPF.
BFMTV reports that Barbey was specifically targeting the school’s headmaster.

Above are must-see photos of the alleged shooter.

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