Tony Romo Net Worth 2020: How Much Is NFL QB Worth Now?

The Dallas Cowboys are set to release quarterback Tony Romo, making it the perfect time to examine the 36-year-old’s career earnings and net worth. As the oft-injured and aging gunslinger heads into the unknown, it’s interesting to see how he’s positioned financially. What happens if he never plays another down in the NFL? Will he be good to go?

Let’s find out.

Tony Romo’s Net Worth as of 2019: $90 Million

But how did Romo get here? Let’s take a look.

2003 – 2008

Tony Romo Net Worth

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In 2003, Tony Romo went undrafted before signing with the Dallas Cowboys. At the time, the minimum salary for undrafted free agents hovered around $300,000 with annual increases. A three-year deal for an undrafted free agent could top out at around $1.575 million.

Romo did not attempt a pass in a regular season game until 2006.

2008 – 2013

Tony Romo Net Worth

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In 2008, Romo signed a six-year contract worth $67.5 million. The deal included $24 million in guaranteed money, an $11.5 million signing bonus and an annual average salary of $11.25 million.

The contract was restructured by the Cowboys several times in order to free up salary cap room. This led to some of Romo’s non-guaranteed money being converted to guaranteed signing bonus cash.

2008: $5.895 million
2009: $6.38 million
2011: $8.19 million
2012 Option Bonus: $8.175 million

During this time, Romo also received between $3 million to $5 million per year in endorsements.

2013 – Present

Tony Romo Net Worth

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In 2013, Romo re-signed with the Cowboys on a six-year deal worth $108 million, the largest contract in Cowboys history. His deal included $55 million guaranteed, a $25 million signing bonus and an annual average salary of $18 million.

In 2014, the Cowboys restructured Romo’s deal, converting $12.5 million into guaranteed money. In 2015, his deal was again restructured, earning him $16 million over five years. Romo also earned roughly $5 million in endorsements that year.

Although the Cowboys are releasing Romo, he will still be paid $14.5 million by the Cowboys in 2017.


Tony Romo’s debut season as the NFL broadcaster was met with little enthusiasm but he hopes to overturn that situation in the coming season.


Despite the rumors, Tony Romo doesn’t seem to be thinking of pulling a Jon Gruden and go from the booth to the NFL again.

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