Colorado's Rock Canyon High School Hits Buzzer Beater In Crazy Sequence To Advance In Playoffs

Rock Canyon High School was down 40-38 to Grandview with 19.5 seconds left in a Colorado 5A state playoff game. Rock Canyon had the basketball, so there were still a lot of different scenarios where they could pull out a win. But what enfolded over these final seconds was definitely one of the rarest outcomes.
Watch the dramatic ending here.

What a finish! That was Junior guard Nick Janedis with the game-winning putback, and he is probably the most efficient basketball player of all-time. That play featured his only rebound and his only two points of the game, but he clearly knows how to make them count.
That was my favorite steal off of an inbounds pass since the great Len Bias threw down this sick dunk against North Carolina.

Even though it was an amazing play by Janedis, I’m not 100% sure that he beat the clock. It’s way too close to call, but I feel like the ball was still in his hand when the clock hit 0.0.
Colorado High School Activities Association
That sequence was way too badass to get overturned anyway. Rock Canyon is heading to the Final 4 for the first time ever, and Janedis is both a school legend and a viral star. God, I love March.

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