Indiana High School Basketball Player Hits Full-Court Buzzer-Beater To Win Playoff Game

Justin Steele's Twitter

Justin Steele’s Twitter

Josh Clanton of Indiana’s Central Christian Academy hit one of the most amazing shots that you will ever see. Down 62-61 with less than a second left against Arlington High School, Central Christian Academy needed a miracle to advance past the first round of the state playoffs. And thanks to Clanton, that’s exactly what they got.

Watch the senior grab a rebound off of a missed free throw and bury a full-court heave at the buzzer.

Down 1 with less than a second left, Central Christian's Josh Clanton sinks this full-court shot for the win in @IHSAA1 sectional action.

— Matt Glenesk (@MattGlenesk) March 1, 2017

That’s gotta be the longest buzzer-beater of all-time. The level of difficulty on that is downright absurd, as it’s already virtually impossible to hit a shot from that far away in an empty gym. You add the 0.5 second time restraint and the win-or-go home stakes into the mix, and that’s how to end up being a legend at your school. If I was running things at Central Christian Academy, I’d already be in the process of renaming their gym to The Josh Clanton Colosseum.

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