Fan Takes Swing At Boxer In The Middle Of The Match

There was a bizarre scene at a boxing match last night, as a fan got into the action. Undefeated boxers Joshua Pagan and Jose Resendiz were duking it out in a fight scheduled for six rounds at the Tony Rosa Community Center in Palm Bay, Florida. When Resendiz had Pagan on the ropes late in the sixth round, some nutjob climbed onto the apron and threw a punch at Resendiz. Watch the wild footage in the video below.
[protected-iframe id=”90149831235f9cd3bfa5ff00fa9aab6e-3508545-105109074″ info=”″ width=”640″ height=”360″ frameborder=”0″]
IncreĆ­ble is right, my Spanish speaking amigo. I don’t know if that guy is boys with Pagan, hates Resendiz’s guts, or had a ton of money riding on the fight, but that was bonkers. It’s a miracle he didn’t hurt Resendiz too. We’ve got dudes threading the needle with ice buckets in Canada, so I don’t know how the hell he couldn’t land a sucker punch from that close.

Once they got that inaccurate maniac under control, the final round was restarted with 50 seconds left. Pagan held on to win the bout via a split decision, and I’m sure Resendiz is itching for a rematch given how controversial that last round played out.

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