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Lady Seems To Be Having One Helluva Trip At Wobbleland Music Festival

Vital Events' YouTube

Vital Events’ YouTube

Last weekend, the Wobbleland music festival took place at the City National Civic in San Jose, California. Until today, I’ve never even heard of Wobbleland, but you better believe that it’s on my radar now. After seeing this young lady lose her goddamn mind during a set, I will never forget it.

Watching her brain get melted by funky grooves is next level marketing.

That was amazing. I felt like I was watching Bobby Knight make game faces.

As thoroughly entertaining as that was, I’m still unsure if she was having the time of her life or a total mental breakdown. All those strange faces and bizarre hand gestures have me flummoxed. Even though I don’t know if she was having a good trip or a bad trip, it’s safe to say that whatever she was takingĀ I don’t want no part of that shit.

Somebody needs to set this girl up with the Phish bro ASAP. The couple that takes hallucinogens together, stays together.

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