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Northwestern Women’s Basketball Player Makes Regrettable Decision Of Tying Shoe During Game

SportsCenter's Instagram

SportsCenter’s Instagram

Last night, Northwestern took on Rutgers in a Big Ten women’s basketball matchup. With roughly 5:40 left in the second quarter, Northwestern guard Ashley Deary thought that it was a perfect time for her to tie her shoe. This would turn out to be a terrible decision, as the clock was still running and play was still live.

Maybe not the best time to tie your shoe… #SCNotTop10

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What a goofball. She couldn’t wait until the next stoppage of play to do that? Or at the very least, when she wasn’t the person bringing the goddamn ball up the court!? I haven’t seen such lackadaisical ball-handling since Steve Blake picked Jason Williams’ pocket.

If I’m going to bash Deary for spacing out at the most inopportune time, I have to at least give props to Rutgers for capitalizing on her blunder. That was Khadaizha Sanders with the steal and Shrita Parker scoring the easy layup. It still didn’t do Rutgers much good, though, as Northwestern cruised to a 60-38 victory.

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