Chairs Were Flying Everywhere In Crazy Brawl In The Bronx

On Thursday night, a wild brawl went down at Seafood City in City Island, Bronx. Chairs were flying everywhere, as there was total bedlam in the restaurant. Check out the chaotic footage in the video below.
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Damn, that one dude had to have taken like 10 chair shots! Why couldn’t this fight have been at a pillow factory? He thought he was going to enjoy a nice cracked crab meal, but he ended up getting his skull cracked instead. It’s a cold world out there.
This tweet is right on the money, though.

Gothamist is reporting that this wasn’t a freak occurrence either. A couple of days before the chair incident, some huge punches were thrown in another fight.
People are obviously not happy about all of this violence going down at Seafood City, and a Community Board member is trying to put a stop to this madness.
Via Gothamist:

One City Island resident told Gothamist that Seafood City is “definitely the wildest place on City Island.” In response to the brawl, Community Board 10 member and candidate for the open seat representing the 13th District in the City Council Marjorie Velázquez put out a statement denouncing the restaurant for letting the brawl happen and asking the State Liquor Authority to get involved:
“It is absolutely unacceptable that these restaurants would let things get so out of hand in our community. I intend to use my position on the Community Board to urge a full investigation by the State Liquor Authority and take every necessary step to ensure the safety of City Island families.”
Velázquez says she is writing a formal letter to the SLA to urge the state authority to consider rescinding the license or take other steps to prevent future incidents. This, Velázquez maintains, will ensure that the popular seaside neighborhood remains safe and welcoming for families.

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