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“Wawa Hoagies” Is My New Favorite Rap Song


Rapper Aaron Out just released a song about his love for Wawa, and I don’t think I’ve ever related to a song more in my entire goddamn life. I’ll probably never make it rain in the club or drive sports cars with the top down, but I’ll most definitely continue to stuff my face with Wawa. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, or when I’m hammered drunk at ungodly hours of the night, Wawa is always there to fill my belly with reasonably priced deliciousness.

Aaron Out perfectly encapsulates all of Wawa’s greatness in my new favorite rap song “Wawa Hoagies.” Check out the spectacular music video below.

That video is so spot-on it’s unbelievable. Everything from the tough menu decisions to the frustrating parking situation is 100% accurate. I also think that “Tip Drill” has been unseated as the number one music video to use a hilarious butt prop. So long, credit card swipe. Hello, booty hoagie.

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