Skateboarding Australian Bros Save Idiot Teens From Drowning After They Attempted To Take A Selfie On A Frozen Lake

Ethan Turnbull, 24, and his buddy Bennett Jonas, 23, were skateboarding in Manhattan Monday night when they saw ice in a frozen pond collapse. After quickly realizing that some children had fallen through the ice, these two bros risked their lives to save the seven teens from the freezing Central Park pond.
Seven children between the ages of 10 and 16 were taking selfies on the ice when the frozen lake cracked and the teens were submerged under the freezing water.
Via NBC:

Two skateboarders who happened to be nearby raced to their rescue, and by the time firefighters arrived at the park by 59th Street and Central Park South, the kids had been pulled out of the water, witnesses and officials said. Some of the children and teens were recovering from hypothermia-related injuries at Bellevue and two other area hospitals on Tuesday morning, officials said.

The good Samaritans, Bennett Jonas and Ethan Turnbull, told reporters they saw the kids dancing on top of the ice, then suddenly plunging into the water.

“I look over, I saw six heads just trying to get to the shore,” said Jonas. “The back one was probably a good 20 yards from dry land.”

“The last two at the end, the kid at the end was unconscious,” said Turnbull. “[Jonas] got him out, he was kind of out of breath, and [Jonas] threw him to me. I just kind of minded him until he came to.”

All seven children were pulled out safely and treated for hypothermia, with one being hospitalized.

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