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WATCH: Norwegian Maniac Skates In Bathing Suit, Falls Through Ice, Chugs Vodka



51-year-old Tor Eckhoff of Vestfold County in Norway really LOVES the cold. And I cannot stress those all caps enough. He loves cold weather like Kanye loves Kanye. We’ve featured this badass before, as he celebrated the first snow of the year by running around in his underwear and taking ice baths.

If you thought that video was wild, you haven’t seen anything yet. Tor cranked the intensity way up for a holiday-themed video that instantly made me pour myself a piping hot cup of coffee. Watch Tor do some ice skating with a bottle of vodka and a trusty chainsaw by his side.

That dude literally has ice water coursing through his veins. I don’t know how the hell Tor is able to pull this stuff off, but I can’t get enough of him. I really hope he doesn’t get hurt and has a long and fruitful career of frigid cold hijinks. And how ’bout him emerging from under the ice in the beginning? What a way to grab your attention right off the bat. Tor is the Martin Scorsese of making batshit crazy videos in arctic temperatures.

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